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EMDR Therapy

Providing All Your Therapy Needs

What is EMDR?

EMDR is a mental health treatment technique that involves moving your eyes in a specific way while your process memories and events. The goal is to help you heal from past traumas or other life experiences. 

The Benefits of EMDR Treatment

Exceptional Quality

Eco-Friendly Design

24/7 Support

Multilingual Functionality

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EMDR Therapy

Many of our Clinicians specialize in providing the EMDR therapy technique to support our clients in healing from past traumas, mental health diagnoses and more. 


Sessions last a full hour to allow time to thoroughly explore your unique story each session. (Lindsay to add details of secession)


In the initial phases of treatment, EMDR sessions are held weekly, but in consultation with your Clinician, they can be moved to twice a month or monthly.

Initial Evaluation: $170

Ongoing Sessions: $140

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