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Unleash Your Private Psychotherapy Practice Potential!

Consulting services to help you build your thriving psychotherapy business. 

Grow Your Vision

At Elemental Intuition’s Private Practice Consultation services, owner Lindsay Boudreau specializes in powering your private psychotherapy practice’s start and growth.

Do you dream of being at the helm of a thriving psychotherapy business, but find yourself entangled in the intricacies of launching, maintaining, or scaling your practice?

I understand that the world of private practice isn't just about providing exceptional care. It's also about navigating complex business landscapes. I’m here to make that journey smoother, more efficient, and more profitable.

What the coaching includes

With Lindsay Boudreau’s guidance, you will work on an action plan and have support while achieving your private practice goals. We’ll look at the practical sides of starting a practice as well as addressing hopes and fears through the process in order to help you succeed! Read below for the topics we’ll review together.

Business Model Consultation

We assist in developing a robust, sustainable, and profitable business model that caters to your specific psychotherapy niche.

Practice Management

From scheduling, billing, and compliance, we provide you with the tools and strategies you need to run a smooth, client-focused practice utilizing Simple Practice’s EHR.

Marketing & Branding

Stand out in the crowded therapy market with a unique brand and effective marketing strategies that attract and retain the right clients for your business.

Growth & Expansion Strategy

Ready to take your practice to the next level? We provide insights and actionable strategies for sustainable growth and expansion.

Training & Development

To ensure the continuous growth of your practice, we offer resources and workshops on topics such as client management, the latest therapy techniques, and business management skills.

Credentialing & Billing

An optional add-on service for Massachusetts therapists.


Meet Lindsay

I am excited to help clinicians find success in starting a private practice.

I graduated from Simmons University’s School of Social Work in 2009. My initial agency positions ranged from HIV/AIDS work, day treatment, homelessness prevention, clinical work in a DMH residential program, and the manager of a crisis stabilization unit that doubled in size during my tenure.


When the pandemic hit, I was burnt out and began to explore the next steps in my career. With the guidance and support from a friend at Simmons, I decided to open my own fully telehealth practice. I began seeing clients in December 2020. My practice was full by April 2021.


Overwhelmed with the amount of referrals I kept receiving even with notices my practice was full, I decided to hire additional therapists. My team has 7 other therapists, and we currently serve over 140 clients. I’ve had past colleagues and therapists in community groups I belong to who have asked me for support in starting or growing their practices. That led me to create this practice consulting service.

Elemental Intuition Private Practice Consulting:
Empowering Therapists, Transforming Practices.

Lindsay is more than just a consultant and therapist—she’s your partner in building a flourishing psychotherapy practice. Your passion for healing is mirrored in our dedication to your business' success.

No matter where you are on your private practice journey, Elemental Intuition’s Private Practice Consulting is equipped to guide you towards your vision.

Light up the path to your psychotherapy business success with Elemental Intuition Private Practice Consulting. 


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