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There is hope and healing


Welcome! My name is Lindsay.

I'm a social worker who helps adults experiencing anxiety, depression, and trauma recovery. 

I also provide supportive services to members of the LGBTQQIA community.

Integrated Therapy Services

The clients I work with have similar challenges. Even when going to school or work, having strong family and social supports, and hobbies, they still feel heightened worry, sadness, and experience the aftermath of trauma. Having these concerns can make life more challenging, and it is possible to work on improving your current emotional state.

In the initial stages of therapy, it is not uncommon for my clients to feel uncertain whether therapy will decrease depression and anxiety. They may feel hopeless and trapped in stories that something is wrong with themselves. The worry or the sadness may interfere in relationships, work, and finding joy or peace. Ultimately, each person who decides to start work maintains some hope, even if small, that life can change in positive ways.

It is possible for you to work on improving your emotional health. You can live a happier and calmer life. There is hope and healing.


Contact Me

If you would like to work together and find new ways to help enhance your well-being you can contact me by phone at 978-575-4175, email me at, or use the form below.